Neighbor Goods – SBNR Daily 2-18-11


Spiritual Courage, UK to Let Gays Have Church Civil Ceremonies, The Lending of Buddha’s Bones…

Neighbor Goods – SBNR Daily 2-18-11

Today’s Goodness: In need of a ladder? A lawn mower? Perhaps you could borrow it from a neighbor. Aside from walking next door, another way, a safe way for you to get in touch with those neighbors is through NeighborGoods is a social inventory that helps you get more value out of the stuff you already own by borrowing and trading items with friends and neighbors. Not only does it provide a way to save money and resources – it also connects neighbors in meaningful ways making for happier, healthier neighborhoods. Check out this free service and see what you think.

Connect with your neighbors at Neighbor Goods.

Have a happy Friday! ~The SBNR Team

Today’s Teaching:


“Authentic revolution is not about achieving any state or believing in any ideology. It is the transformation of the self. If the history proves anything, it is that we cannot rely on government, or any other entity outside of ourselves, to bring harmony and balance to the world. The task is yours exclusively.”

From: Liberation from the Lie:
Cutting the Roots of Fear Once and for All

By Eric Gross

Today’s Meditation:


Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.
~Marianne Williamson

Spirituality Posts:

1. Rabbi Alan Lurie: The Power of Spiritual Courage
“This is why spiritual practices are not about momentarily easing the pain, but are designed to heal the illness; they are meant to awaken us, not make our sleep more pleasurable. Spiritual healing begins when we look at the difficult realities of our lives with honesty, compassion and, most of all, courage.”

2. Steve Shiffrin: Spiritual, But Not Religious: Comparing Europe and the U.S
“It is commonly thought that Europeans are godless. In fact, as Grace Davie and Andrew Greeley in independent work have confirmed, more than half of Europeans believe in God, but they do not belong to any religious denomination. Davie calls this “believing without belonging.” We might call it “spiritual, but not religious.”

3. Jeffrey Weiss:
Christian and Muslim Beliefs in Africa: Lessons for U.S. Foreign Policy

“If I told you there was a part of the world where large populations of Christians and Muslims say they are getting along pretty well, where majorities would like to make the Bible or the Quran the law of the land, and where most people believe they are living in a generation that will experience profound religious change, would you call that fiction?”

Top Spirituality News:

1. Reuters: France Plans Nation-wide Islam and Secularism Debate
“France’s governing party plans to launch a national debate on the role of Islam and respect for French secularism among Muslims here, two issues emerging as major themes for the presidential election due next year.”

2. The Washington Post/AP: UK to Let Gays Have Church Civil Ceremonies
“Gay couples are to be allowed civil partnership ceremonies in churches, Britain’s government said Thursday – erasing some of the last remaining distinctions between gay partnerships and traditional marriages.”

3. The Huffington Post/RNS: India Woos Sri Lanka With Buddha’s Bones
“India plans to lend rare fragments of the Buddha’s bones to Sri Lanka for the 2,600th anniversary of Buddha’s Enlightenment in May, and some see it as part of India’s strategy to gain a regional edge over neighboring China.”


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