Monday, May 23, 2011


A sampling of the Day after ‘Doomsday’ coverage…

Sending you love and light to start your week.

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Well, we survived the weekend, but we can’t escape the news coverage of the Rapture-that-wasn’t. Below are a few pieces we found interesting and we thought you might too. Tomorrow we plan to return to our regular scheduled programming. Until then, please enjoy this meditation on health and healing. ~The SBNR Team

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Jaweed Kaleem:
May 21 ‘Judgment Day’ Believers React To Being Alive On May 22

“Camping has gone silent and given no interviews over the weekend. The Family Radio web site has not been updated. A countdown on the site says there are zero days left to ‘Judgment Day’ and an image shows the numbers “2012” crossed out. “Mr. Camping certainly won’t shy away from this,” Family Radio spokesman Tom Evans told The Huffington Post on Sunday. “But when and how that will happen will be forthcoming.”

2. Gary Laderman:
5 Lessons Learned from the Apocalypse Fail, Or,
It’s Not the End of the World as We Know It, and I Feel So-So

“Perhaps this might be a nice teachable moment to reflect on all this—not nonsense at all, but rather an illuminating cultural moment that reveals an awful lot about the role of religion in our crazy world. What are the key takeaways from the “mediapocalypse”? Here are five for your consideration…”

3. Chez Pazienza: The End of Daze
“If you need it put in more reductionist terms it can be summed up like this: Believing in Jesus Christ as the resurrected son of the creator of the universe who will eventually return to Earth equals not-crazy; believing that you know when Jesus Christ will make that triumphant return equals crazy. See how, well, crazy that is?”


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