Monday, March 7, 2011


Spiritual Light, Spiritual Snowboarding, Spirituality in Higher Education…

Monday, March 7, 2011

Thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts with us. We learned that while you enjoy receiving the daily, you feel there is too much content to read through in one sitting. So, based on your feedback, we will continue to provide the top spiritual news and posts each day, and the rest of the content will be spread evenly throughout the week. Thank you again for your help!

We hope you have a fabulous week! ~The SBNR Team

Today’s Meditation:


“I am you; you are ME. You are the waves; I am the ocean. Know this and be free, be divine.”
– Sri Sathya Sai Baba

The Peaceful Presence of Dolphins at Play
Communing in Harmony and Joy

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Anne Naylor: What Is Spiritual Light?
“When couples come to me to create and officiate their wedding ceremony, they often ask that their occasion be “non-spiritual” or “non-religious.” They are happy with a “celebration of love” as a theme… Another word that I find fits easily is “light.”

2. Jim Bailey: Dude, is Snowboarding Spiritual?
“A snowboarding priest from British Columbia has earned what could well be the first-ever doctorate in the sport for his exploration of spirituality on the slopes… “One of the prompters to this research is, you have a lot of people saying, ‘I want to be spiritual but not religious,’ and I’m trying to find out what that means…”

3. The Pioneer: College Environment Encourages Contemplation of Beliefs
“According to a national survey conducted by the “Spirituality in Higher Education” group, college can be a very formative and important experience in many people’s spiritual lives… The most important thing for a college to do in this respect according to the study is to provide spaces for spiritual expression and interfaith dialogue in order to provide ample opportunities for students to engage with their “inner selves”.”

4. NPR: College Hoops Star Suspended for Premarital Sex
“When is a college athlete’s sex life fair game? That’s the question raised by the suspension of a basketball player on Brigham Young University’s nationally-ranked team. Brandon Davies was reportedly suspended from the Cougars for the rest of the season, for violating the school’s honor code provision that forbids premarital sex.”


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