Monday, March 14, 2011


The Hard Work of Staying Still, The Power of Thoughts and Prayers, Air Force to Review Religious Climate…

Happiness, Hope, and Healing! ~The SBNR Team

Today’s Meditation:


“To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are.”
– Author Unknown

A guided relaxation session affirming the theme of love and self-esteem.

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Teresa Jordan: The Hard Work of Staying Still
“As a child, I did not attend church of any kind and my adult observance can best be described as “Cafeterian,” drawing nourishment from many spiritual traditions. But the abbey offers retreat to anyone who seeks renewal, and for three days I had an apartment in the guest house to myself and an invitation to use my time for contemplation in whatever form I chose.”

2. Rabbi Alan Lurie: What Does It Mean To Be Religious?
“Yes, people have clearly been damaged by religion, and religion has obviously been the cause of conflict. But, objectively, religion has been at the root of much that is good in society, and it has helped many individuals to live more fully, in service and in love. The dangers we face are not in religion and faith, but in the caricature and demonization of the other, from both sides.”

3. Scott Swenson: Thoughts and Prayers: A Magnitude Greater Than 8.9
“In the face of tragedy and tremendous shifts, not only in nature but in society, our thoughts and prayers may be all we have to offer, so we want to know they work. We practice, praying or meditating daily, to remove doubt, to strengthen our connection to something greater than ourselves.”

4. Andrew Z. Cohen: Daring to Bear Witness: The Challenge of Being a Spiritual Teacher
“The “rational” values of the culture that we live in may have freed us from the myths of the past, but unfortunately they have also undermined our capacity to have any faith in the unseen metaphysical domains of our innermost interiors. So any individuals who are bold enough or crazy (or sane?) enough to assume the position of being representatives of what is transcendent, within this culture of secular relativism and scientific materialism, are putting themselves in a very difficult position indeed.”

5. USA Today: Air Force to Review Religious Climate at Academy
“Patrick K. Gamble, who retired as a four-star general in 2001 and is now president of the University of Alaska, was asked to take an “independent, subjective look at the overall climate at USAFA relating to free exercise of religion,” the Air Force said in a statement Friday. The Air Force said the review is not an investigation or inspection, and that no detailed report is expected.”


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