Monday, June 27, 2011


How Faith Can Help and Hinder Forgiveness, “Spiritual but Not Religious”, Rescuing the Christian Tradition from Religion…

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A meditation on how to open your chakras.

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Todd Leopold: How Faith Can Help and Hinder Forgiveness
“…Dr. Gaby Cora, a Miami psychiatrist, says that religion can sometimes hinder forgiveness and letting go. “There are some religions that have more of that guilt,” she said. “In Catholicism, for example, you’ll see people feeling more responsible, and there’s a lot more of that inherent guilt going around – and you will not see that in Buddhism, for example.” Nevertheless, forgiveness – of others, and ultimately, of yourself – is a big part of many faiths.”

2. Rosemary Armao: Spiritual but Not Religious
“…not long ago a friend whom I have never seen pray or attend any kind of service sat in the sand with me on a sunny beach looking out at the arcing horizon of the Atlantic Ocean and said, “You cannot help but feel spiritual seeing that, can you?” Uh, I don’t know. For something like a year now, I’ve pestered friends and experts asking for their interpretation of spirituality and wondering do they have it and are they also religious. I’m including you in that discussion now.”

3. Emily Manuel:
A Better Form of Atheism: Rescuing the Christian Tradition from Religion

“Theologian and philosopher Adam Kotsko talks about atonement theory, capitalism as “the empire of sin,” and what it means to be a Christian atheist.”


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