Helen Mirren Joins the Ranks, Keeping an Open Mind on the Spiritual Side of Life, I Wanna Be God…

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A meditation for healing.

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Winnipeg Free Press: Helen Mirren’s Spiritual Beliefs
“The 65-year-old actress describes herself as a “spiritual” person but admits she is not religious and doesn’t believe in God. She said: “I am quite spiritual. I believed in the fairies when I was a child. I still do sort of believe in the fairies. And the leprechauns. But I don’t believe in God.”

2. Rachel Browne: Keeping an Open Mind on the Spiritual Side of Life
“Judith Lucy lost her religion more than two decades ago. Raised Catholic, at age 12 she considered becoming a nun before finding enlightenment in the more earthly pleasures of sex and alcohol. It took the deaths of her adoptive parents, Ann and Tony, for Judith to reconsider her position.”

3. Rabbi Rami Shapiro: I Wanna Be God
“Would I vote for someone who hoped to rule a planet one day? Damn straight I would! How refreshing to vote for someone who thought he had a real chance at become a God rather than settle for the normal political hubris of demi-god. And would I want to be God of my own planet some day? Absolutely. Sure I know how hard it is to be God. I’ve seen the Futurama episode where Binder becomes God (Godfellas, 3/17/02), but I still think I could pull it off.”


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