Is Spirituality a Byproduct of Evolution?, At Church of Beethoven Music is the Message, Army Agrees To Host Concert For Atheists At Fort Bragg…

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Mindfulness Meditation with Deepak Chopra.

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Michael Graziano: Is Spirituality a Byproduct of Evolution?
“We believe in spirits because we are predisposed to see minds in the things around us. But to most people, spirituality has a much larger halo of meaning including moral decency and love and religious awe and an all-embracing sense of fellowship. How are these spiritual experiences products of an evolved social machinery?”

2. Cathleen Falsani: At Church of Beethoven, Music is the Message
“Transcending dogma, creed, culture and even language, music has the power to elevate the soul as well as the mind. It’s the source of a type of faith as often discovered outside traditional organized religion as within it. While spirituality and religion are not mutually exclusive, in the parlance of our time, music is “spiritual but not religious.”

3. Huffington Post/RNS: Army Agrees To Host Concert For Atheists At Fort Bragg
“A group of military atheists have won the backing of U.S. Army officials to hold a “Rock Beyond Belief” concert for nonbelievers at North Carolina’s Fort Bragg next year. The victory came after several church-state separation watchdog groups complained last month to the Secretary of the Army that a Christian-themed concert held at the fort last September gave “selective benefits” to religious groups.”


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