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Religious Practices Not Required to be Spiritual, Is God Necessary for Morality?, Why Religion Must Change…

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Spirituality News & Posts:

1. USA Today: When the Spirit Moves You
“Yet any moment – any time of the year – can be one where you listen to God and God listens to you, spirituality experts say. You need not follow traditional holiday rituals, bow your head in a house of worship, sit on a meditation pillow or study a book of holy writ…”

2. Rabbi Rami Shapiro: Is God Necessary for Morality?
“It is a perennial question, though one that is essentially beside the point. Whether you believe God decides what is right and wrong, or you believe that people do so, you still have to choose a moral system. It isn’t as if God or people offer just one.”

3. Steve McSwain: Why Religion Must Change
“Religion is in our news, as well as our politics, almost daily. But what we hear, as well as see, is anything but pretty. Religion seems to have fallen on hard times in the last few years and deservedly so. Due largely to its manifold abuses…”

4. Antonia Macaro and Julian Baggini: Do We Need to be Spiritual?
“In their mission statements, schools promise parents that they will look after the “spiritual welfare” and growth of their pupils. The US military assesses “spiritual fitness” as part of its comprehensive soldier fitness programme. Several writers have talked of the virtues of “spiritual intelligence”. It seems that, although only about 10 per cent of Britons attend a weekly church service, the vast majority agree with a version of “I’m not religious, but I am spiritual.”


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