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Confronting Religious Extremists, The ‘Higher Power’ Doesn’t Have to be God, The Templeton Foundation is Not an Enemy of Science…

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1. Rabbi Geoffrey A. Mitelman:
Why ‘Do You Believe in God?’ is the Wrong Question to Ask

“Either God exists, or God doesn’t. And we have absolutely no control over that fact. And so because there’s nothing we can do about whether there is a God, I’ve never found that question to be a particularly interesting one to ask. After all, when the question is framed in that way, there are really only three answers people can give: “Yes, I do,” “No, I don’t” or “I’m not sure.”

2. Michael Zimmerman, Ph.D: Confronting Religious Extremists, Combating Hatred
“What’s the best strategy for dealing with a Christian extremist who spews hatred that could only be classified as being Islamophobic at every turn? Some, including a number of my students, have counseled that ignoring the perpetrator is the most effective way of countering his vile opinions.”

3. Victoria Knobloch: The ‘Higher Power’ Doesn’t Have to be God
“The discussion of whether religion belongs in spaces like Alcoholics Anonymous has many larger moral arguments tied into it. Can something be spiritual without religious aspects? Can the power of ritual and prayer have positive effect even without personal belief in a higher power?”

4. Dan Jones: The Templeton Foundation is Not an Enemy of Science
“Like Jerry Coyne, I’m an atheist. Like Coyne, I’m also intensely irritated by religiously motivated attacks on science and appalled by religiously fuelled bigotry and intolerance around the world. Unlike Coyne, however, I don’t see a bogeymen round every religious corner, and I don’t feel compelled to denounce the Templeton Foundation as a enemy of science.”


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