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Mom, who is God?


Q: What do I say when my child asks, “who is God?” I don’t want to raise an atheist, but I also don’t want her to think there is a Santa in the sky that will take care of everything.

Mom, who is God?

The words of our response vary, but the feeling we try to communicate is one of respect and honor for all points of view. It’s not unusual to hear us tell our child, “The name ‘God’ means many different things to many people.” We explain, for some people, there is a single and powerful thing that’s thought of as a father who looks over everything and everyone. There are also other ideas about God and other names like Spirit, Universe, Oneness, etc. We are careful not to imprint our ideas on our children but instead to empower them to think through the concept for themselves – free to develop their own conclusions – even if those conclusions are different from ours as their parents.

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