Idealist – SBNR Daily 2-17-11


Re-imagining God, Post-grad Degrees Don’t Lead to Atheism, Ten Commandments in School…

Idealist – SBNR Daily 2-17-11

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Today’s Teaching:


“Just let yourself be. Give yourself permission to be up, down, pissed, or delirious. Observe the process and don’t get caught in the content. Know yourself as the limitless field of pure awareness in which the drama of life merely arises.”

From: Awakening to the Dream
By Leo Hartong

Today’s Meditation:


Finding Purpose – Check out this German Commercial, with a surprise ending.

Spirituality Posts:

1. Jeffrey Small: Re-imagining God in the 21st Century
“I will not debate the existence of God because I do not think that the argument is winnable by either side. Instead, I will outline ways in which we can start to understand God in the modern world. For me, God must not just be consistent with scientific and rational thought but must embrace it.”

2. Neil Strauss: God at the Grammys: The Chosen Ones
“from the standpoint of traditional theology… God is much more concerned with the fate of an individual’s soul than his or her secular success, and one’s destiny is unknowable. So what’s helping these stars is not so much religion as belief—specifically, the belief that God favors their own personal, temporal success over that of almost everyone else.”

3. Cathy Lynn Grossman: Study: Post-grad Degrees Don’t Lead to Atheism
“Old wisdom: Post-graduate degrees, benchmark of the intelligentsia, lead people astray from religion and promote atheism. New wisdom: Not so much, says a newly published study, the first ever look at religious beliefs and behavior of people with masters degrees, doctorates and professional degrees such as lawyers and physicians.”

Top Spirituality News:

1. WRAL/AP: Dalai Lama’s Nephew Grew into Role as Activist
“Norbu walked thousands of miles to promote awareness of Tibet’s struggle for independence from China. The work that made him a hero to thousands of Tibetans around the world ended Monday when Norbu was struck by an SUV about 25 miles south of St. Augustine, Fla., during the first day of a 300-mile walk.”

2. USA Today: Growth Stalls, Falls for Largest U.S. Churches
“Mainline Protestant denominations in the United States continue their decades-long membership decline, while the membership in Pentecostal churches are on the rise, according to new figures compiled by the National Council of Churches.”

3. The Washington Post: Ten Commandments in School Stirs Fight in Va. District
“…officials quietly posted the Ten Commandments on the walls of Giles County public schools… There the commandments stayed… until December. That’s when an anonymous complaint prompted the superintendent to order the removal of the displays.”


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