Get Rid of Things – SBNR Daily 2-15-11


Spiritual Wellness, Mistakes Atheists Make, Unitarians Turn Tragedy into Tolerance…

Get Rid of Things – SBNR Daily 2-15-11

Today’s Goodness: In need of a remedy to get rid of the skunk stank emanating from your dog? How about a way to get rid of your bacne? Or maybe just a solution to rid you of your bad luck? Well, look no further than How to Get Rid of Things, a do-it-yourself guide dedicated to helping you prevent, eliminate or remove common annoyances from your life. And, it is all served up with a healthy dose of scathing sarcasm and self-deprecating humor. Enjoy!

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Today’s Teaching:


“There is nothing inherently unhealthy with goals if the present moment remains primary. But if you are searching for a sense of self in these presently arising ideas about future, you have reduced this radiant mystery called you to a thought or set of thoughts.”

From: Love’s Quiet Revolution: The End Of The Spiritual Search
By Scott Kiloby

Today’s Meditation:


Lost Generation
by Jonathan Reed

A poem about changing your perspective.

Spirituality Posts:

1. Rachael Grant Dixon: Spiritual Wellness Is More Than Just Religion
“…various religions offer many people strength, comfort, and a sense of purpose, and if that is your path to spiritual wellness, then enjoy the peace that brings. For those who do not seek out a formal religion, you also can achieve a sense of spiritual wellness through art, nature, meditation, love of family and friends, and other forms of serenity.”

2. Phil Zuckerman: The Top Mistakes Atheists Make
“…religion inevitably contains, reflects, and reveals all that is within the realm of humanity: the good and the bad. It is like any other facet of human civilization: some of it is noble and inspirational, much of it is nonsensical and even dangerous. But to condemn it all as poisonous is to be in serious denial.”

3. Trent Gilliss: Unaffiliated Population Isn’t Represented in Congress
“Congress has a historical past of not mirroring the many constituencies in the United States. Is it time for more atheists and agnostics to run for office and represent this small but growing population?”

Top Spirituality News:

1. The Washington Post: Unitarians Turn Tragedy into Lesson in Tolerance
“Unitarian Universalist churches across the country will be holding events on Sunday and Monday promoting civil political discourse, gay rights, humane immigration reform and ending what it calls the demonization of American Muslims as part of “National Standing on the Side of Love Day.”

2. The New York Times: Speed-Dating, Muslim Style
“That’s Millanus, the ultimate oxymoron: Islamic matrimony speed dating. It is a twice-yearly conclave started in 2007 by a Pakistani-American financial adviser from Long Island who was tired of being asked by Muslim clients if he knew anyone suitable for their children.”

3. USA Today: Churches Wrestle with Guns in the Pews
“The way Rev. Jonathan Wilkins sees it, members of his Baptist church in Thomaston, Ga., should have the right to carry guns into worship services to protect the congregation.”


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