Friday, May 13, 2011


Schools Should Teach About Religions, Not Preach Them, Can Religious People Leave Non-Believers Alone?, The End of Days…

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No bad luck for you this Friday the 13th… instead a hilarious dog video. Enjoy!

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Edinburgh Evening News:
Concerned Parent: Schools Should Teach About Religions, Not Preach Them

“There is still too much emphasis on Christian teaching in the Capital’s non-denominational schools, says one concerned parent. When one of my children asked me if it was true God had made the world and another wondered “are we supposed to be Christians?” I became interested in what they were being told at school and in what context.”

2. Phillip Milano: Dare to Ask: Can’t Religious People Leave Non-Believers Alone?
“Stetson, who’s an atheist from Utah, has a gripe for religious people: “Why can’t you just accept that I do not believe in something you consider to be unquestioned truth?” he writes in. “Why do you always have to ‘save’ me from damnation? Just let me live my life how I choose. I’m fairly certain that your ‘god’ teaches that. Why don’t you practice it? Why do people who believe in God always try to save others who just think it’s a load of ___?”

3. The Huffington Post: May 21, 2011 And 11 Other End Of The World Predictions
“You’ve probably seen the signs, the billboards, and maybe even heard about it on the radio. Apparently, May 21, 2011 is judgment day. But is the rapture really upon us? Harold Camping clearly thinks so (again), but it wouldn’t be the first time someone incorrectly predicted the end of days.”


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