Friday, April 22, 2011


God – Otherworldly or Not?, Spirituality is Too Often Overlooked in the God Debate, Seeing Joy in Our Differences…

Friday Fun:


On this Earth Day, a tribute to our beautiful Mother Earth!

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Bron Taylor: It’s International Mother Earth Day, Ready or Not
“…throughout western history there has been conflict between those who conceive of God as beyond the world and are indifferent to the Earth, those who share the belief in an otherworldly God but think that he demands good environmental stewardship and those who consider the earth itself sacred.”

2. Tony Lobl: Spirituality is Too Often Overlooked in the God Debate
“Criticism of religious theory and practice is, of course, valid and the points often need to be strongly and persistently made. After all, the very thing that got Jesus crucified – if you believe in Jesus as more than a myth or a fairytale, that is – was, arguably, his tough criticism of the religious hypocrisy of his own day and resistance to his central focus on the spirituality that he was preaching and practising.”

3. Linda McNamar: Seeing Joy in Our Differences
“Growing older certainly can give us the desire to stick with the familiar, to judge and awfulize, and to think that things are worse now than they used to be. Yet, we also have the opportunity to move through life adapting and adopting the changes the come with the times. We can reach deep within us to our essential spirit and find the wisdom which comes with aging. It is easy to see that attitude and outlook create the way we experience the passing of time.”


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