Friday, March 11, 2011


Rango: An SBNR Movie, A Dog Gets Communion, Jewish Mothers Get Their Own Matchmaking Site…

Friday, March 11, 2011
Viva la weekend! ~The SBNR Team

Fun Friday:

Each Friday we will be providing you with something fun. Whether it be a funny website, a game, or a video, we promise it will be entertaining.

Today, we are featuring Post Secret, a site in which individuals send in their anonymous secrets via post card, for anyone to read. The secrets range from funny, to sad, to insightful, to inspirational. Sometimes you will find that the secrets ring a little too close to home. Take a look. Maybe you will decide to share your own secret; we bet it is quite a cathartic experience.

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Jeffery Weiss:
‘Rango’ Aims at ‘Spiritual but Not Religious’ Audience — Which Is Sizable

“Rango” is a new movie that aims for an interesting demographic. Whatever its other charms, it’s distinctly anti-religion but pro-spirituality. Which is likely to resonate pretty well with many viewers — while of course irritating others.”

2. Jon M. Sweeney: Doubt is the Faith That Binds Us Together
“There are more of us than ever who not only accept doubt, but see it as essential to faith. Doubt is good for you, in part because shared faith was never what we thought it was. It was mostly an illusion — like the suburban cul-de-sac of religious truth. Living without difference does not a faith make.”

3. Barbara Crafton:
How Religion Can Help (and Hurt) Our Understanding of Marriage and Family

“The old inside joke about Jews — two Jews, three opinions — is true of all faith communities… Still, many faith communities — most of them — do claim a monopoly on truth. They want to proclaim it and then they don’t want anybody messing with it.”

4. BBC News: Canadian Priest Sorry for Giving Dog Holy Communion
“Reverend Marguerite Rea of St Peter’s Anglican Church, in Toronto, received complaints from Christians all over Canada after she fed communion bread to a German Shepherd cross named Trapper.”

5. RNS: Want Your Mom to Find You a Nice Jewish Boy?
“But on the new site…it’s Jewish mothers—not singles—who are making connections, trying to find potential mates for their kids… Users, who don’t have to be moms even though most are, write about their families and can upload pictures of themselves and their single children.”


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