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The Choice For or Against God, God Is Not a Christian, The Consequences of Spiritual Transformation…

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A little awesome motivation from one young inspirational speaker 🙂

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1. Dr. Jeff Mirus: The Choice For or Against God
“All normal persons on the face of the earth, whether or not they can argue the matter philosophically, wonder about this problem. Moreover, in so wondering, they are led to a choice for or against the source from which alone they could have received this spiritual power. Before they theorize further about the outlines of their personal dignity, they must make this choice. It is the choice for or against God.”

2. Desmond Tutu: God Is Not a Christian
“We should in humility and joyfulness acknowledge that the supernatural and divine reality we all worship in some form or other transcends all our particular categories of thought and imagining, and that because the divine — however named, however apprehended or conceived — is infinite and we are forever finite, we shall never comprehend the divine completely.”

3. Steve McSwain: The Consequences of Spiritual Transformation
“…like many people, and perhaps like you, I have spent the greater part of my life looking … searching … and trying to find God. I had brief moments when I felt God’s nearness. But, they never lasted and, for the most part, my spiritual life was one big frustration to me. I could never quite seem to make it with God. I don’t think I’m alone.”

4. Freedom From Religion Foundation:
FFRF Calls for Fraud Probe into Rapture Campaign

“The Freedom From Religion Foundation wants California Attorney General Kamala Harris to investigate how many innocent people may have suffered financially, emotionally and physically due to Pastor Harold Camping’s $100 million campaign predicting Armageddon on May 21.”


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