Friday, June 24, 2011


Can Games be Spiritual Experiences?, Self-Serving Myths Women Tell Ourselves About Men, Of Spirituality and a Quest for Romance…

Friday Fun:


+ Pool is an initiative to build a floating pool for everyone in the rivers of New York City. They’ve spent the last year working with engineers, swimmers, consultants and planners studying what it would take to swim in clean, natural river water right in NYC. Visit Kickstarter to help support this awesome idea.

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Pop Matters: Can Games be Spiritual Experiences?
“We agreed in fairly short order that, as religions and fandoms both tend to organize themselves around stories and looking to characters as models for behavior, a case could indeed be made for games as religion. But what a discourse such as ours should really be exploring is whether games—denotatively—can function spiritually for the player.”

2. Beth Green: Self-Serving Myths Women Tell Ourselves About Men
“I also asked us to look more deeply into our own sexual behaviors and what they reveal about our lack of fulfilling intimate relationships and the disconnection between our sexuality and our spirituality.”

3. New York Times: Of Spirituality and a Quest for Romance
Movie Review: “The documentary “Raw Faith” features two things seldom seen on a movie screen these days: spirituality that doesn’t sound maniacal, and older adults who are exploring romance.”


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