Enlightenment is Never Far Away, Of Gods and Dogs, Space Travel is a Spiritual Experience…

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Check out this Paris street performance –
ie is just plain fun!

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Sadhguru: Enlightenment is Never Far Away
“Only that which is incomplete can be developed. If something is already all-pervading and eternal, how can you develop it? So, sadhana is not about building something. It is not about creating divinity within you or becoming enlightened.”

2. Rabbi Rami Shapiro: Of Gods and Dogs
“I prefer dogs to people. I can see why God would hate people enough to torture them. I have those feelings myself. But I can’t see how God could hate dogs, or why God would torture them. Dogs should be raptured before the Tribulation, or at least they should if God loves dogs.”

3. Madhu Thangavelu: Space Travel is a Spiritual Experience
“Today, human space activity offers an important venue for exploring the potential for meaningful relationships between science and religion – or at least science and spirituality. Religion stripped of all customs and liturgical practice may be called spirituality. It’s the wonderment that explorers feel when they are exposed to nature’s secrets and to new dimensions of human experience.”


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