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1. Huffington Post: The Onion’s World Peace-Inducing Religion Reporting
“HuffPost Religion would like to pay homage to America’s finest Pulitzer-deserving news source: The Onion. With a finger on the pulse of American and global (dis)belief, The Onion consistently churns out the hard-hittingest, holier-than-thou religion reporting and commentary. Inspired by the lead story in this week’s print edition (“Vatican Reverses Stance On Gay Marriage After Meeting Tony And Craig”), we decided to compile the best of this paper’s God-centric gab.”

2. Huffington Post: Top Summer Reads From HuffPost Religion Bloggers
“Summer is the time to kick-back, relax and pick up that fun reading we have been putting off for just the right beachy moment. We asked several of our all star bloggers to share what they are reading right now and the resulting list is inspirational, educational and surprisingly challenging for the season. I guess we can learn something in the hot months too.”

3. Michael Ruse: Is Darwinism a Religion?
“Is evolution, Darwinian evolution in particular, a religion? To sound like the philosopher that I am, it all depends on what you mean by “religion.” It is “Intro to Philosophy of Religion,” Lecture 1 material. Religion is not something like a right-angled triangle. Either you have a right angle or you don’t, and that is the end of the matter. Religion calls for what we in the trade call a “polythetic” definition.”


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