Spirituality is Really a Search Beyond Self, Meet Your Inner Pilot Light, Study Sees Link Between Education And Views Of Heaven…

Friday Fun:

Ever wonder what the comments would be on God’s blog? Paul Simms at The New Yorker takes a hilarious stab at it. Check it out!

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Rabbi Mendy Herson: Spirituality is Really a Search Beyond Self
“G-d created spirituality as a bridge between himself and our reality. So spirituality is actually a means through which G-d makes G-dliness felt in our world. Think of the way electricity is best conducted through certain materials. Perhaps we can think of spirituality as a conductor for divinity.”

2. Lissa Rankin: Meet Your Inner Pilot Light
“Your Inner Pilot Light is that ever-radiant, always-sparkly, 100% authentic, totally effervescent spark that lies at the core of you. Call it your essential self, your divine spark, your Christ consciousness, your Buddha nature, your higher self, your soul, your wise self, your intuition, or your inner healer.”

3. Cathy Lynn Grossman: Study Sees Link Between Education And Views Of Heaven
“The old wisdom: The more educated you are, the less likely you will be religious. But a new study says education doesn’t drive people away from God — it gives them a more liberal attitude about who’s going to heaven.”


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