Friday, April 1, 2011


The Swiss Shunning Religion, Life after Death Doesn’t Necessarily Involve Heaven, New Museum to Use Science to Tell Bible’s History…

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Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Susan Vogel-Misicka: One in Four Shuns Religion in Switzerland
“Through hundreds of questionnaires as well as dozens of in-depth interviews with individuals across the country, researchers have found that the Swiss population has distanced itself from organised Christianity as well as traditional spirituality in recent decades.”

2. Wallace Baine: Kelley Richardson: Through the Eyes of an Unbeliever
“It’s the name that gets your attention – “Heretics & Heathens: The Kingdom of God through the Eyes of a Unbeliever.” Santa Cruz artist Kelley Richardson will readily tell you that she subscribes to no religious creed or codified belief in an almighty God. But, she said, there are elements of her new installation work that “religious people will love.”

3. Rabbi Gary S. Fink: You Don’t Have to Believe in Heaven to Find Life after Death
“For those whose spiritual worldview may not envision or emphasize a supernatural afterlife, legacy building can diminish existential anxiety about death. Legacy building provides “this-worldly” possibilities of eternal life through the indelible impact that we make on those around us. It provides hope of continuing existence through everlasting bonds or ongoing influence in the world.”

4. USA Today: New Museum to Use Science to Tell Bible’s History
“A new multimillion-dollar, high-tech, interactive museum of the Bible was announced Thursday amid 130 artifacts of the Good Book in a private exhibition at the Vatican Embassy. The exhibit was a sampler of Jewish, Catholic and Protestant treasures from the future museum’s 10,000 manuscripts and texts, one of the world’s largest biblical collections.”


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