Free Rice – SBNR Daily 1-18-11


Zeitgeist, Threat is Islamophobia, Not Islam, Getting Connected…

Free Rice – SBNR Daily 1-18-11

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Today’s Teaching:


“You are worthwhile simply because you’re alive. Never forget this and you’re sure to thrive. Learn from your mistakes and you’ll get stronger as you grow. Believe you’ll succeed, and then make it so.”

From: Unstoppable Me!: 10 Ways to Soar Through Life
By Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Kristina Tracy

Today’s Meditation:


“When imagination knocks, open the door!”
~Enchantment, enlightenment, and entertainment from Duirwaigh Studios.

Spirituality Posts:

1. Michael J. Altman:
Zeitgeist A Blend Of Skepticism, Metaphysical Spirituality, and Conspiracy

“Good Morning America reported last week that Jared Loughner had been influenced by the documentary Zeitgeist, a film that depicts Christianity, 9/11, and federal banking as conspiracies meant for social control. “

2. Melody Moezzi: Why the Real Threat is Islamophobia, Not Islam
“These days, when we read or hear the term “terrorist” in the news, it’s almost always accompanied by some reference to “Islamic extremism” or worse yet, to Islam itself. So, it must be that most terrorists are in fact Islamists, right? Not so much.”

3. Sonal Srivastava: Getting Connected
“Some find their inspiration in places of worship, or through satsangs and kirtans. Others find that they come tantalisingly close to ananda or bliss via music, movies and books…
Many discover unconventional ways of connecting with the Universal Consciousness — for instance, through leisure activities and entertainment.”

Top Spirituality News:

1. The Washington Post: New Appeal for Obamas as They Mark Holiday at Black Church
“Since President Obama’s arrival in town two years ago, many local religious leaders have wondered when, or if, the country’s first African American first family might choose a new church home.”

2. The New York Times: Egypt Sentences Muslim to Death in Killings of Christians
“An Egyptian court sentenced a Muslim man to death Sunday for killing six Christians and a Muslim police guard outside a church in a drive-by shooting more than a year ago.”

3. Los Angeles Times:
Self-Realization Fellowship Elects Sri Mrinalini Mata as New Leader

“The organization, which follows Hindu and Christian teachings, selects Sri Mrinalini Mata, 79, to succeed longtime leader Sri Daya Mata, who died in 2010. “


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