Finding God After Leaving Religion


Speaker, thinker, activist, and spiritual teacher Steve McSwain posts “Finding God After Leaving Religion” today in the Huffington Post.

Finding God After Leaving Religion

Speaker, thinker, activist and spiritual teacher Steve McSwain posted in the Huffington Post today an article saying that “thirty-four million Americans have given up on organized religion, according to the most recent American Religious Identification Survey.” We believe the number is closer to seventy million but many surveys fail to capture people’s true beliefs due to survey formats and social pressure to have a religious affiliation. McSwain writes that while these individuals have given up on organized religion, “spirituality is still a vital part of their lives.”

“You don’t have to go to church to know God.”

The article briefly touches on reality that many churches are facing a slow financial demise from lack of attendance, but McSwain’s point is that that churches aren’t needed to find God, and that even the idea of ‘finding’ God is misses the point.

“There is nothing you need to do to know God. You know God already. The mistake that virtually all religions make, including Christianity, is to confuse beliefs for faith and, as a consequence, condition people to think that there are things that they must do, duties that they must perform, etc., for God to be pleased and her presence to be known.”

McSwain closes the article with a reminder that there is nothing we need to ‘do’ to know God. We simply need to ‘be’ still.


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