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Family Religious Pressure?


Q: Both my parents and my husband’s parents are pressuring us to attend church now that we have children. My kids are asking why we don’t go to church. What are the right words to explain why we don’t do what other families do?

Family Religious Pressure?

From the earliest of ages, we advise to cultivate independent thinking. From the smallest of things to the largest of issues, we think for ourselves. Even when we ask our children to to something or not to do something, if they ask why – we tell them the reason. We NEVER say “because I said so”. It teaches them that there is thought behind every choice we make. By the time the extended family asserts their pressure, you and your family will be armed with the armor of independent thought. The explanation for the children centers around the ideas that our family has chosen that makes us the best family we can be. We carefully describe that for some families, church is part of that idea. For others, church is not. For our family, church is not part of what is necessary to be the best people and the best family that we can be…

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