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Do I mistrust as a way to help me work through my issues of mistrust or because there is a real reason to mistrust and I’m really just being discerning?


Susan – Here’s what I’ve been wrestling with: On one hand: 1) There is a teacher who helped facilitate me having THE experience of a lifetime, one that freed me from a heavy burden and reunited me with my spiritual self in a way that I hadn’t even hoped for, 2) I would like to attend his next event and the only way to do that is to buy his digital level 2 course for $1500 (only those who have taken at least the level 2 class are invited…’at the request of the Archangels who want the participants to be able to hold a certain level of energy.’), 3) I have the money to pay for the course, 4)There is nothing overt that makes me feel it isn’t on the up and up, 5) I’m starting to feel myself slip back into a mode where spirit is something I attend to when I’ve got free time. I DON’T want to lose this renewed connection and 6) I’ve listened to hours of his recordings for free which sort of defrays the $1500 cost.

YET, on the other hand, I feel a subtle, nagging mistrust. It could be the expense/work involved (high versus low) of his level 2 course or it could be things I’ve picked up on listening to him that my subconscious realizes don’t add up. Do I mistrust him as a way to help me work through my issues of mistrust or because there is a real reason to mistrust and I’m really just being discerning? – Suzanne

Suzanne, here are my thoughts in response to your dilemma:

1) The teacher “facilitated” your mystical moment – however, in my view, your own soul brought you to a moment that was transformational for you. I’m guessing you were far more open than normally. In that state, the Divine can touch you through almost anyone who happens to be present. The reason we don’t usually experience this blessed condition is because WE aren’t present – not because the Divine is elsewhere! So don’t become too attached to the person who happened to be there.

2) You want to go to the next event. To go, you need to buy the $1500 course. Was your moment and the subsequent transformation worth at least $1500 for you? If so, then it doesn’t matter if you get more “goodies” or not from this course, since it will at least open the doors for the next gathering. Don’t worry about his morality – that’s his issue, not yours. I don’t see an ethical problem with selling his course material. It’s always good to approach things with a healthy dose of skepticism, especially spiritual marketeers…your mistrust is just your need to protect yourself from delusion and manipulation in areas where you are still learning. Honor it, don’t reject it.

3) Archangels – if that’s how he accesses what he needs, welll…okay. I always think it’s better to skip the middle men, so to speak, and go straight to the Source. When Spirit speaks, it is always short, sweet, succinct, resonates with truth (and common sense), and arises from the heart. Spirit is not wordy…(I call wordy “Masters” the Devil With a Blue Dress On!). I knew too many groups who prayed to Ascended Masters/Angels and then wondered why the room filled with dark energies. In a dualistic reality, you can’t have one without the other, like salt and pepper, ham and eggs, yin and yang. If you attune to the Source (beyond Angels and Devils), you won’t get pages of beautiful wordiness, but you will get the truth that delivers real freedom.

I’m very happy for you that you had your awakening. Your soul led you there, and it will continue to lead you wherever you need to go. Get as quiet and inwardly present and available as you can, so that when the still, small voice speaks – you will hear it and follow!

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