Bari Tessler – SBNR Daily 2-14-11


Religion Evolving, Mysticism in Religion, Mubarak Resigns…

Bari Tessler – SBNR Daily 2-14-11

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Today’s Teaching:


“General knowledge develops the mind, no doubt. But if you are going to spend your life in amassing knowledge, you build a wall round yourself. To go beyond the mind, a well-furnished mind is not needed.”

From: I Am That
By Maharaj Nisargadatta

Today’s Meditation:


“I Am Who I Am” -A beautiful poem by Mr Tom’s class, Year 6, Sheringdale Primary school.

Spirituality Posts:

1. Paul Pardi: Religion is Evolving Before Our Eyes
“Formal religion is constantly evolving but every so often there is a mutation, or set of mutations, so great that a new species is formed. I believe we’re at the cusp of one of those changes.”

2. Aare Kola Oyefeso: Developing Our Spiritual Dimension
“Spirituality is that aspect of our lives to which everything must bow. Be it religion or science. Irrespective of the wonderful things we have achieved with science, ask the material scientist, sitting alone in the corner of his library or laboratory, he cannot but concur that the true discovery of the whys and the hows of the creation is still far-fetched.”

3. Fr. Richard Rohr: Mysticism in Religion: Three Ways to View the Sunset
“One wonders how far spiritual and political leaders can genuinely lead us without some degree of mystical seeing and action. It is hardly an exaggeration to say that “us-and-them” seeing, and the dualistic thinking that results, is the foundation of almost all discontent and violence in the world.”

Top Spirituality News:

1. The Washington Post: Mubarak Resigns, Hands Power to Military
“President Hosni Mubarak resigned Friday and handed power to the Egyptian military, setting off wild celebrations nationwide among protesters elated at what their largely peaceful revolution had achieved.”

2. CNN: Secular Student Group Doubles Number of Global Affiliates
“An umbrella group for secular students says it has doubled it size in two years, with 250 affiliates in high school and college campuses around the world. “We’re witnessing a major shift in our society,” Secular Student Alliance communications director Jesse Galef said in a Wednesday press release.”

3. USA Today: Catholic College Faces Crisis of Faith, Labor Laws
“Catholic colleges such as Manhattan College in New York face tensions between their status as religiously-affiliated schools and the rights of employees to form labor unions.”


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