Active Minds – SBNR Daily 1-19-11


Mental Health is a Spiritual Issue, A Kinder-Gentler Taliban, Campus Religious Group Controversy…

Active Minds – SBNR Daily 1-19-11

Today’s Goodness: Following the suicide death of her older brother in 2001, Alison Malmon founded Active Minds, the only organization working to utilize the college student voice to change the conversation about mental health. Since the creation of the founding chapter at the University of Pennsylvania, and the 501(c)3 nonprofit shortly after, Active Minds has grown to more than 300 campus chapters throughout the U.S. and Canada. Active Minds and their student chapters are doing amazing, important work.

Check out Active Minds.

Make beautiful music today! ~The SBNR Team

Today’s Teaching:


“Spirituality is one of those realities that you have only so long as you seek it; as soon as you think you have it, you’ve lost it… Spirituality is boundless, unable to be fenced in: We do not capture it; it captures us.”

From: The Spirituality of Imperfection: Storytelling and the Search for Meaning
By Dr. Ernest Kurtz and Katherine Ketcham

Today’s Meditation:


Take yourself on a journey to the centre of your mind with this meditation to the soundtrack of Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Spirituality Posts:

1. Bodhishin: SBNR Movement and Happiness – What is Being Spiritual All About?
“The popular phrase – “I am Spiritual but not Religious” (abbreviated as SBNR) is a growing movement and more and more Seekers of Truth are turning towards this movement which, over the years has taken firm roots as an unorganized rebellion against Organized Religions.”

2. Adam Frank: Life is More Meaningful than Mere Facts Can Convey
“What exactly are we looking for? What fuels so much of the passion and intensity behind the debates over religion, the debates between religions and the debates surrounding science and religion? At the heart of these debates you will often find the issue of “knowing.”

3. Joanna Brooks: Mental Health is a Spiritual and Religious Issue
“Mental health is a profound spiritual issue, just as appropriate and accessible health care for all forms of illness is a religious one.”

Top Spirituality News:

1. Reuters: A Kinder, Gentler Taliban
“Afghanistan’s Taliban have had a change of heart , and are no longer opposed to education for girls, according to the Afghan government. It’s the sort of shift that opens up the possibility of talks with the insurgents whose treatment of women has in the past drawn revulsion worldwide and made a deal that much harder.”

2. The Star Tribune/AP: With Lesser Role in NYC Mosque Plan, Imam Begins US Tour to Inspire ‘Interfaith Understanding’
“The cleric who became the public face of efforts to build an Islamic center near ground zero in New York began a national speaking tour Saturday night by urging Muslims to help “depoliticize” their faith and play a role in shaping relationships with America.”

3. The Columbus Dispatch: OSU to Weigh Conflicting Rights
“Student-government leaders want Ohio State University to stop allowing campus religious groups to ban gay people, non-Christians or others who don’t share their values.”


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