About Us

SBNR.org is dedicated to serving the millions of people worldwide who walk a spiritual path outside traditional religion. We honor your personal journey and offer inspiration, education and entertainment to aid your experience of being human.

The staff at SBNR.org believe that all religions and philosophies contain some wisdom, but that no one religion or philosophy contains all wisdom. On our pages you will find ideas from multiple spiritual traditions and practices. Enjoy what you like and discuss what intrigues you. Our focus is to assist you in experiencing the wonder of daily life and the rapture of being alive. Our mission is to promote spiritual ideas and practices that can be used to increase personal and societal wellbeing. We do this work because we care about you and all humanity.

We welcome your feedback. Please send your comments to feedback@sbnr.org

Educators and journalist can contact our Executive Director, Steve Frazee, by emailing him personally at steve.frazee@sbnr.org

SBNR.org is not affiliated with any one spiritual tradition or religion.

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