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Bob Kleinheksel
Bob is an ordained United Church of Christ minister with a Masters of Social Work degree. He conducts counseling sessions with individuals, couples, and families about sexual orientation, life changes, and ideas about faith, religion, and spirituality.

A Prayer for Easter Sunday


By Bob Kleinheksel We live, pause and pray on another day filled with resurrection reality and hope. For how could we really live and relate without new birth and daily transformation? Why would we not be aware of hope beyond the present moments and resurrection stirring in all people and nature itself? Let the language […]

By Bob Kleinheksel We live, pause and pray on another day filled with resurrection reality and hope. For how could we really live and relate without new birth and daily transformation? Why would we not be aware of hope beyond the present moments and resurrection stirring in all people and nature itself? Let the language of rebirth and resurrection, the vital Easter message fall new and fresh upon our thinking…beyond what has been irrelevant, outmoded or useless. This day is but another reminder and celebration of all things past and present becoming new and ever more real.

The tree buds begin their dance; flowers bloom in delicate array, animals live out their beautiful and sometimes cruel instinctual rituals and flirtations. This dynamic quality of Life and billions-old emergence continue in dramatic fashion. It connects with all that has gone on before: From the changing of minds and societies to when one named Jesus was described as resurrected from death on a cross. No matter who and where we are in our understanding and interpretations of all that has been and is now, may we catch and enjoy the power of newness, the evidence of change, the necessity of movement and resurrection action in all forms. May it be so.

So here we are on Easter day. Those often here and those gathering on this holy day. Whether in regularity or sporadic nature, we gather in mixed and beautiful company. We offer our open and deepening humanity to this community and to the world we face this day. Might we move beyond the, “Hi, how are you? nice weather we’re having,” and look people in the eye, embrace a bit longer and let our true colors be known?

Will we see this day, Easter Sunday, as an opportunity to awaken, grow and learn? Or might we miss the choices and chances that will unfold as the minutes and hours slide by? The spring-time beat calls us out, names us, reminds us to take our place in life, to make decisions, to be mature and responsible – even in the face of unfairness. May our sluggish feet jump to a new beat, may our minds entertain new thoughts, may our relating arouse new risk – and may our minds, hands and hearts commit again to see beauty everywhere. We re-commit again this day to be the change we wish to see in the world: To live peaceably, to confront hate, to do and say now so that resurrection reality, love, inclusion and hope overcome all apathy, complacency, fear, ignorance and cruelty.

On this day the tendency is to dwell on a supernatural event and to think of some otherworldly miracle – a resuscitated corpse. But today, while we acknowledge the mystery of life after life and affirm all that is meaningful for us, we live and embrace today and see with new eyes; we co-create with new conviction; we resist the seductive trapping of gazing ahead to golden heavenly roads while missing the present moments as they tumble one after the next. Resurrection reality has always been and it will always be. The Christ in Jesus and the Christ presence in us all will always endure and be the light in grey corners – the way and truth and light in this world. Easter and the pervasive life force and God as love call us out, to be, to do, to live, to wake and grow up.

Today we do celebrate what has arisen: An enduring love, presence, grace and life witnessed in Jesus so long ago. The rebirth of awareness of the oneness of our lives and relations, for we dwell in unity. What has arisen and will continue to be resurrected are our very lives in all their splendor and humble humanity. Let these things and all else we carry and confirm inspire and enthuse us toward living out resurrection reality and hope in all we say and do – this day, with all people. Amen.


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3 Responses to “A Prayer for Easter Sunday”

  1. Jim and Verlee Clinefelter
    April 14, 2009 at 6:04 pm #

    Hi Bob, We’ve been wondering if you had any connection with CCC and Ian Lawton. Glad to see you do. We read Ian’s sermons weekly. CCC gives us hope for the church’s future.
    The fifth paragraph in your prayer is exactly what we had delivered to us on Easter Sunday. We were told not to doubt but believe in a physical resurrection and by inference to close our minds to everything we know about the world in which we live. How long can the church survive with this kind of outlook? Thanks for your prayer! Jim

    Verlee wants to respond and find out about what and how you are doin.g

  2. Jim and Verlee Clinefelter
    April 16, 2009 at 5:40 pm #

    Hi, Bob! We’ve been wondering where you and your family might be, so seeing your printed prayer was an exciting, happy experience. As Jim indicated, we moved to a rather conservative community when we left Louisville in the summer of 1996. We have a close circle of friends and a wonderful, inclusive, affirming group here that meets weekly in the United Church of Christ. They have become “church” to us, while we still participate in our local Presbyterian Church. (I’m on the session and I’m sure I’m seen as a heretic, which seems to please me!) Another “group” that gives us stimulation is The Jesus Seminar and it’s Jesus Seminar On The Road which comes annually to our area.

    I’d be very happy to know about your family, and to find the opportunity to visit your church in Michigan. We spend our summers in Iowa where we have our favorite Presbyterian church with an intelligent,liberal pastor, Kirstin Kle[fer. We’ll be headed there in mid-May and return to Florida in mid-September.

    Keep up your good work. I’m sure you are an inspiration.


    Verlee Clinefelter

  3. Bob Kleinheksel
    May 6, 2009 at 7:20 am #

    Hi to you both. Not sure if you received my email…but great thanks and respect to you both. Thanks for noticing the prayers and for the feedback. I wish you both satisfying and continued learning and growing…and great enjoyment of Life!!


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