1000 Awesome Things – Daily 2-7-11


Egyptian Uprising is SBNR, Raising a Free-Thinking Child, Porn Sunday…

1000 Awesome Things – Daily 2-7-11

Today’s Goodness: Sometimes we need just a little optimism, a small bite of yumminess to start our day, and that is when we visit 1000 Awesome Things. This fun site, which began in June of 2008, posts one of life’s simple delights each day; from #324 Laughing at a stranger with another stranger to #906 Drinking a cold glass of water right after eating ice cream. What more could you need to put a smile on your face on Monday morning?

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Today’s Teaching:


“Do not become involved in the past events you are dealing with but just notice how they are affecting you NOW and then (this is the hard part). Just let these effects exist without trying to change them or get rid of them (be a witness and neutral observer).”

From: Pathways to Wholeness: Walking Meditation, Mindful Breathing,
Bio-Energetic Healing and Spiritual Development

By Janet Gallagher Nestor

Today’s Meditation:


People’s hearts are like wild animals. They attach their selves to those that love and train them.
~Ali ibn Abi Talib

There is a good chance you have seen this classic YouTube video, but the display of transcending love through species and time will warm your heart over and over again.

Spirituality Posts:

1. Rabbi Alan Lurie:
The Rabbi Who Believes in Zeus: Why All Intuitions of God are Incomplete

“…above the constructs that humans make to describe the spiritual realm is a higher, truer realm that is beyond our ability to adequately describe or fully comprehend. Zeus, Plato knew, is a symbolic manifestation of the essence of creative power, and those who followed Zeus sought to deepen these qualities…”

2. Gautam Chikermane: Egyptian Uprising is Not Religious but Spiritual
“I personally don’t think the uprising has anything to do with religion. In fact, if religion has to be dragged into this revolt, it has to do with the realisation of a new religion in the region — freedom.”

3. Casi Nelson: Of Babies and Bathwater
“Some might think it would be simple: his father and I are both Scandinavian Lutherans, so of course we should raise him that way, right? However, I want to raise my son to be able to take in all of the information available to him and make a choice based on what he believes and what he wants to do.”

Top Spirituality News:

1. The Vancouver Sun: Canadians Increasingly Polarized about Religion
“Canadians have modest similarities to Americans in the way they tend to go to churches and temples, declare their atheism, practise their morality or tell people they are “spiritual, but not religious.” But, despite some areas of overlap, we have more similar attitudes on religion and values to the populations of some more geographically distant countries.”

2. The Roseville Press Tribune: Kaiser Unveils Meditation Room
“…for patients, visitors and staff of the hospital at Kaiser Roseville Medical Center, the room represents a quiet, sacred space where people of all religious backgrounds and spiritual beliefs are welcome. This meditation room also illustrates a growing recognition by health care providers throughout the United States that mind, body and spirit go hand in hand.”

3. NPR: Religious Groups Tackle an X-Rated Secret
“More than 300 churches are expected to celebrate National Porn Sunday on Feb. 6. The members will watch a video sermon featuring current and former NFL players talking about their struggles with pornography.”


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